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I Love… The Kitsch and Fun Wall Art

WALL MURAL SURFACEVIEW Dandy Spoons Roomset Table Mural crop ANG0018I Love… The Kitsch and Fun Wall Art

I’ve just been writing a feature about all the new wall looks and trends for every room in the home, and I really can’t believe how much amazing stuff is out there. I need at least 50 rooms to try out each one! A sneak preview of my feature includes the Dandy Spoons with Butterfly Bow Ties wall mural from Surface View.

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2 replies

  1. I really do like these, but I have low walls, due to dormer windows, all the through my flat. Otherwise I would be tempted to try them out. They are fab though, in the right place. A funky, trendy restaurant cafe/bar perhaps?

  2. Hi thanks for your comment. What’s great about these murals is you can custom-size them, so they should probably be able to fit on one of your apartment walls.

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